Welcome to Earth's Treasures, the home of fine Benitoite specimens and cut stones,
and an assortment of fine minerals and rare gemstones.

From gem crystal thumbnails to classic locality cabinet specimens,
Earth's Treasures strives to carry beautiful and eclectic minerals at prices all can afford.

If you are interested in getting an idea of value of a single item or of a collection, we can help! We also can help with evaluating the gem potential of specimens and Rick has been cleaning Benitoite/Neptunite specimens for over 25 years! Check out our FaceBook page: Benitoite

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Specimens from the California Blue Mine

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Benitoite Gem Mine

Rick Kennedy of Earth's Treasures treating material collected from the Benitoite Gem Mine

5/1/08 Due to the closure of the CCMA, Benitoite Gem Mine trips are on hold until further notice. Please let your elected representatives know how you feel about this closure.

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California Blue Mine

Rick at the California Blue Mine Top Quality Aquamarine found at the California Blue Mine

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